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A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures

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by Scott F. Hall & Eleni Manolaraki, 2012, silent video, one-minute duration.

In their one-minute silent pixilation video, "A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures", Scott F. Hall and Eleni Manolaraki explore the ancient form and concept of the European wise woman--she reads, she learns, she conjures and creates as a proud yet ever-persecuted and therefore cloistered matriarch striving in a patriarchal world.

Scott F. Hall is an artist and Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida. He works in sound, music, instrument design, still images, video, and sculpture.

Eleni Manolaraki holds a Ph.D in Classics from Cornell University. Before acquiring professorship at the University of South Florida, she taught at Williams College in Massachusetts and at Washington University in St. Louis. Her fields of specialization in which she is widely published are Roman historiography, epic, oratory, and natural history.

Category: Adult,Animation,Art,S12

Scott F. Hall & Eleni Manolaraki, Merritt Island, FL

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