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The Just a Minute Festival is an online event that celebrates short visual production made or created in any format, media or equipment: Cell phone, Film, Video, Animation, Flash, Machinima or whatever.

The maximum length of submitable productions is 1 minute (see entry guidelines).

Entered productions can be viewed and voted on through this site after the entry deadline (see schedule, below).

Winners of the Just A Minute Festival will be chosen by the viewers and voters of this site.

Schedule: Entries are accepted starting on November 2, 2023; the entry deadline is January 1, Eastern (U.S.) time; no entries will be accepted on or after that day. A team of industry professionals will then view the submitted entries and choose the top films. These curated entries will be streamed on a random basis through the site beginning on January 10.

Voting: We encourage voting with weekly cash prizes. The more films you vote on, the better your chances of winning. Films must be viewed in their entirety in order to vote on them.

Voting ends March 1, Eastern (U.S.) time; no further votes are accepted on or after that date. Winners will be announced by March 10.

There will be Cash and other valuable prizes for the winners of this online festival.

The Just A Minute Festival is a production of The Media Tribe, Inc.
and is conducted by the Just A Minute Team.

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